UTSNYC -Online Financial Aid System

Welcome to NetPartner - the Union Theological Seminary Online Financial Aid System!

Incoming and continuing Union students can use this system to:

  • View your financial aid award
  • Accept, Decline or Reduce offers of financial aid, including scholarships and loans
  • View the status of and upload required documents
  • Print financial aid forms
Incoming Union students must have submitted their enrollment deposit and been assgined a Union Student ID and email address in order to login to the system.  If you have not yet received your Union student credentials and you are an enrolling studnet, please email the Office of Admissions at admissions@utsnyc.edu.

For more information about Union Theological Seminary's financial aid program, please visit our website.

Log In Instructions


You must be an Incoming or Continuing enrolled Union student and have an active Union Student ID and email address to use this system. If you are a recently admitted student and have not yet been assigned a Union Student ID, please contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@utsnyc.edu.

FIRST TIME USER login instructions

  • Click First Time User link
  • Enter your SONIS Student ID
  • Answer two identity questions when prompted to do so.
  • When prompted enter your password
  • Click Submit